Monday, April 12, 2010

Meet Magical Madge

Meet Madge with the magical eyes. Actually Madge is blind in one eye. But you can see she is beautiful nonetheless.

She’s a twelve-year-old who started out life in the great outdoors. Yes, she was a stray—a stray born in the middle of a cruel winter. But like the snowman of fable, she was indomitable. She survived, and today she is a smart, sweet, lovable dog who is looking for a person of a similar make-up to live out her years.

Our vet believes Madge is a cross between a chihuahua and a Chinese crested. For those of you who don’t know, a Chinese crested is a hairless dog except for tufts of fur on its paws and tail and long, flowing hair on its head.

Here’s what Madge likes to do during the day:


More sleeping

Go outside and do her business right away.

Back inside for some snuggling.

More snuggling.

More sleep.

Back outside for a good walk and a nice sniff.

Back inside for another snuggle.

And another.

Some active playing and frolicking.

One last snuggle.

Then more sleep.

Oh, and let’s not forget eating. Madge is a good eater.

Madge also likes being “The Boss” around other dogs. Hey, someone has to be the leader of the pack.

And she loves the people who love her. Wouldn’t you love someone like that in your life?